Economic Segment

Blue Bell’s Economic Segment encompasses ‘The Concept of Affordability’. We try n squeeze all your requirements within a realistic budget.

We offer the following services:
1) Wine & Cake
2) Dummy Cake
3) Floral Decor
4) Stage Decor
5) Shamiyana, Tables & Chairs
6) Lighting & Sound Systems
7) Resorts, Party and Wedding Hall bookings
8) Music DJ’s & Live Bands
9) MC’s
10) Invitation Cards
11) Photography & Videography
12) Catering

Royal Segment

When you want a Royal touch to your event you can opt for our Royal Class Service. All the above services in the Economic class can also be availed in our Royal Class Service but that’s where the similarity ends. Also our Royal Class Services includes.

1) GO “5 Star”:

Go “5 Star” is a brand new, one of a kind Service, where we convert an ordinary event in a party hall or wedding hall into an event of a 5 star ambience. From a fully carpeted hall to valet parking services, we cover all minute details that create a 5 star hotel environment, and all these at affordable prices without any hidden taxes.

2) Theme Catering:

One cannot forget a theme party easily, it is unique. And if you’re the kind of person who wants to make a statement with the event you host, then you’ve come to the right place! Whatever be your theme we will execute it with style and perfection.

3) Outstation Catering:

For our Die hard, loyal Blue Bell Clients, we organize an event anywhere just for you! We have no boundaries, so call upon us to serve you anywhere whether it’s a picnic in Ooty or a wedding in Mangalore, we have done it before and we’ll be glad to do again!

4) Wedding Planner:

Make your special moment an unforgettable celebration! We at Blue Bell’s provide personalized and innovative wedding services. Dreaming of a traditional wedding or a royal wedding? We help you to turn your dream wedding into a reality. Embark on a new journey together in style and leave all your worries at our doorstep. Blue Bell’s Wedding

Planner services include:

1) Church Formalities
2) Wedding Invitations
3) Wedding Trousseau
4) Local Transportation & Accommodations for your Guests
5) Hall Booking
6) Catering Services (also includes)
1) Wine & Cake
2) Dummy Cake
3) Floral Decors
4) Stage Decors
5) Shamiyana, Tables & Chairs
6) Lighting & Sound Systems
7) Music DJ’s & Live Bands
8) MC’s
9) Photography & Videography